When I was a little girl, I loved to play dress-up. Specifically, I loved pretending that I was an Egyptian queen, dressed in fine silks, rings of gold on each finger with diamonds the size of marbles hanging from my neck. I know … what a sight to see, right? Fortunately, as I matured, so did my sense of style.

Today, I still love getting dressed up. As a personal style blogger, it sort of comes with the territory. But, what’s really cool about me now, versus me back then is that I’m not pretending to be something or someone else anymore.

Evolution is a beautiful thing!

And, it’s what I’m focused on in 2016. In fact, I am committed to relentlessly pursuing it! This year is all about taking chances and getting outside of my comfort zone. It’s about stepping up to the plate and taking a mighty swing.

Having said all that, I want to share my most recent project with you; my first-ever video Look Book!

Lately, I’ve received a lot of feedback from ladies looking for personal style solutions that are not only comfortable, but replicable! Honestly, how many fashion/style bloggers have you seen on a social media site whose style you LOVE, but can’t quite figure out how to incorporate the look into your own wardrobe? I’m also hearing from lots of ladies between the ages of 35 to 55 years old who want help creating ahhhmazing, yet age-appropriate styles.

These are just a few of the issues I plan to address in the videos. I hope you’ll take a look and share your thoughts with me. More importantly, I hope you’ll tell me what looks you’re interested in seeing. Maybe you have a gala to attend? Or, perhaps you’re wondering what to wear to your upcoming brunch with the girls? Well, tell me all about it. I’d love to help!

Meanwhile, here’s the video. I hope you like it!