What’s REALLY in your closet?

Have you ever taken a moment to truly examine the kind of clothing you consistently wear? 1) Do the clothes you wear most often function well with the lifestyle you’re leading? In other words, do your clothes match your lifestyle? As an example, if you’d rather go hiking or for long walks on the beach, … Read More

You are not what you see

I’ve been on this personal style journey for a while and I think one of THE biggest lessons I’ve learned is that I am not what I see. At the beginning of each new year, most popular fashion magazines publish articles about which style trends WE ALL should buy into if we want to be … Read More

I admit it, this one sorta stung

The other day I got called out (in a very loving way) by my life coach. She wanted to know what my intentions were for SisterLadyGirl. Was I serious about growing the business? What were my plans for continuing to serve the women who were part of this community? I was so caught off-guard by … Read More

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