If you’ve been to your local beauty supply store lately, it’s not hard to understand why hair typing is such a big business. But what do you really know about hair typing and its significance in the natural hair community? Hair typing is a methodology that utilizes certain characteristics like curl pattern, strand size and … Read More

Confessions of a frugal fashionista

I’m a trend watcher! There, I admit it. Every spring and fall season, I take great pleasure in trolling the blogosphere in the hopes of getting a sneak peek at the latest looks and styles for hair, makeup, clothes and even home decor. But, here’s the thing about trends: They tend to come and go. … Read More

10 Commandments of natural hair care

Odds are, if you’ve been out to Youtube, Instagram, Facebook or any of the other major social media channels lately, then you know there’s no shortage of advice, opinions and even debate about what it takes to care for and keep natural hair healthy and strong. With the seemingly infinite list of pros and cons, … Read More

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