Right now, I am completely obsessed with …

Alex and Ani bracelets. I love them for so many reasons, but two in particular: they’re customizable and they’re affordable. Very rarely do I run across jewelry that fits both of these very important “must haves” for me … and so beautifully, too!

I’m finding that the older I get, the more comfortable I become with expressing myself. With sharing those bits and pieces of myself that make me uniquely me.

In my 20s and 30s, I thought I had to “get in where I fit in” or “fake it until I make it.” Now that I’m a little older and hopefully a tiny bit wiser, I realize that it’s my willingness to laugh at myself, my intense dislike for pedicures (no matter how many of my friends swear by them), and my unwavering belief that one day I’ll wake up a little taller and thinner, that make me the fun-loving, God-fearing, loyal, never-met-a-rom-com-I-didn’t-like woman I am today.

Right now, I can honestly say that I’m okay with me. And, thanks to my growing collection of bracelets, you get a glimpse into why.

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