I’m about to show my behind!

There are 99 reasons that I absolutely, without a doubt, 100 percent HATE Halloween. Chief among them is all that gooey, chewy, crunchy, sugary candy that seems to be everywhere this time of year! No matter where I turn, there are cute little dishes filled to the brim with individually wrapped morsels of cellulite inducing, artery clogging, CONFECTIONERY GOODNESS!

*Blank stare*

OK, I’m back. But, you get the picture. I have NO self-control. And, I think that’s really what I hate, along with the extra pounds I seem to pick up around this time every year. But, instead of complaining about how my pants keep shrinking, I’ve decided to drop the candy wrapper and take personal responsibility for my own actions … starting today!

I’m a huge fan (no pun intended) of the MyFitnessPal iPhone app, which claims to be “the best calorie counter on the iPhone.” I haven’t compared it to any others, so I can’t confirm that claim. But, what I can do is say how much I love this app. I get lots of great information like fitness tips, low calorie recipes and inspiring stories of individual weight loss. I can even connect with friends who use it. And, it’s all FREE!

This week, I received an email about a 28-day squat challenge and decided, yes – I WILL make the pledge to take my butt into my own hands, starting with Day 1 of the “Beginner Squat Challenge.”

The first movement is called the counterbalance box squat, which is demonstrated above. I’ve also posted a short video on SisterLadyGirl’s Instagram page to show you how the movement is performed, along with instructions for the first week of the challenge.

I hope you’ll join me on the road to getting fit and healthy. Then, meet me back here in about 30 days to share your before and after photos. I promise, if you show me your behind, I’ll show you mine.

Happy squatting!


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