If you’ve been to your local beauty supply store lately, it’s not hard to understand why hair typing is such a big business. But what do you really know about hair typing and its significance in the natural hair community? Hair typing is a methodology that utilizes certain characteristics like curl pattern, strand size and … Read More

Confessions of a frugal fashionista

I’m a trend watcher! There, I admit it. Every spring and fall season, I take great pleasure in trolling the blogosphere in the hopes of getting a sneak peek at the latest looks and styles for hair, makeup, clothes and even home decor. But, here’s the thing about trends: They tend to come and go. … Read More

Go bold, be happy

A while back, a good friend of mine shared with me the story of her sister, an elementary school teacher at the time, who got an unexpected wake-up call from a student about the fashion choices she was making. “Ms. (Name withheld to protect the innocent),” the student said as he gave her the most … Read More

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