Month: May 2015

My hometown getaway

By Quin / May 22, 2015

Between the sometimes stifling demands of work and home, finding that precious pearl called balance has only been slightly less difficult than capturing a unicorn. This past weekend, though, the hubby and I decided it was time to take a “woo-sah” moment, so we booked a room at the Epicurean Hotel in South Tampa and got busy with … Read More

Summer essentials from head to toe

By Quin / May 14, 2015

It’s hard to believe, but summer literally is right around the corner. And, I’ve started thinking about the types of ensembles I’ll need to get me through the hot summer months in style. In my opinion, nothing completes a casual, chic look better than a classic pair of sunglasses. They’re mysterious — and between you … Read More

The simple things

By Quin / May 11, 2015

The simple things in life truly do make me the happiest. This weekend, was no exception. Mercifully, there wasn’t much on the schedule that fell into the “must do” category, so me and my peeps got a rare opportunity to hang out as a family, kick around town doing things we’ve never done and see … Read More

Get gorgeous graduation styles from Rent the Runway

By Quin / May 5, 2015

Students around the country, my own daughter included, are getting ready for final exams, dreaming of summer vacation and *tears* getting ready to graduate! Even though she’s looking forward to putting on that robe, she’s already started thinking about what she’ll wear underneath. She’s got to look good for all the pictures she’ll be taking … Read More

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