My good fortune doesn’t end here

Legend has it that if a ladybug lands on you, good fortune will follow. Now that mine is getting ready to take flight, I can’t help but wonder: What happens to me now?

In a little more than two months, my oldest child will be leaving for college. I am simultaneously excited and anxious. And, even though she’ll always have a place in my home, I’m slowly but surely coming to terms with the fact that her days as a full-time inhabitant between these four walls are quickly coming to a close.

Her father and I have done our best to train her up in the way we want her to go. So, on an inate level, I know she’ll be fine. But during those quiet moments, when I think about a future that doesn’t include having her physically here with me every day, I wonder if I will be.

We’ve never spent more than a single week apart since the day she took her first breath over 18 years ago. When she leaves, it truly will be a different world for us. Will I cry? Will I miss her? Will I pray for her? The answer is a resounding yes, yes and absolutely yes!

More than anything though, I will support her in her future endeavors because I’m her mom and that’s what I do. And, I’ll hold close to my heart all the great memories we’ve made together, like this photo shoot with the fabulous Stacy Pierce of Stacy Pierce Photography.

I thank God for the privilege of helping my little ladybug spread her wings. I feel fortunate indeed.




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8 thoughts on “My good fortune doesn’t end here”

  1. This is a true dance of the waltz, holding on and letting go. It appears you guys have prepared her well for this new adventure, and now you will get to see your beautiful daughter blossom. Best wishes, my friend in this new season.

    • I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this comment. I love that you said its a “true dance of the waltz.” Very fitting indeed.

  2. This is such a special time for all four of you, and I cannot believe that your eldest little girl is starting her adult life. You and Marc have given her the best possible foundation, and your example will serve her well. I love her like my own grands. The very best to you, Chelsea.

  3. What a beautiful tribute! She is an exceptional young lady and she has wonderful parents! Her future is bright indeed! God bless!

    • Thank you so much! Makes me feel so much better knowing she has prayer warriors like you in her corner.

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