Month: July 2015

Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner? How to style one dress for multiple occasions

By Quin / July 31, 2015

Anyone who’s ever read my blog knows I’m a huge advocate of staple pieces. They’re the foundation that my entire wardrobe is built on. For many people, the mere mention of a “fashion staple” brings to mind the LBD (little black dress). And, they’re right. It’s a classic, and in my opinion, no woman should … Read More

Shoulders above the rest: A “peasantly” chic look

By Quin / July 22, 2015

A few weeks ago, I RSVP’d to attend a fashion meet and greet here in Tampa. As I thought about the event, there were two major issues I had to consider: 1) the 4 p.m. start time and 2) the invitation’s instructions to “dress to impress”. Generally speaking, I have a pretty good idea about what … Read More

Color and stripes, that’s nice!

By Quin / July 16, 2015

Outfit details: MIDI SKIRT: The Loft | SHIRT: Bebe | CLUTCH: Oldie but a goodie | SHOES: Steve Madden | NECKLACE: BCBG

Make me a deal: What time is the right time to find bargain prices?

By Quin / July 14, 2015

I’ve never gotten hung up on “in-season” and “post-season” styles. My approach has always been fairly straightforward: If it fits, is stylish and priced just right, I’m probably going to buy it. On a recent trip to the mall, I found these babies on sale at Shu Shop for less than $30! I wasn’t necessarily … Read More

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