A quick trick for combining color perfectly … every time

While it’s true that my favorite color combination is black and white, I will on occasion mix things up a bit by adding a little color. I purchased this skirt thinking that it would look great coupled with some vibrant tones. I was right! I absolutely LOVE the styling for this midi skirt. The red and yellow pieces complement each other without being too overwhelming, which is always a goal of mine when using color.

If I’m being honest, I’m still learning about pattern and color matching and mixing. That’s why I don’t wear a lot of it. But, one of the tricks I use to get my color combos perfect ever time is this:











That’s right! My trusty color wheel has never let me down! One quick glance tells me what the best color combinations are, such as orange and blue or red and green.  Most of the time, though, I use it for suggestion purposes only.  In my world (almost) all rules are meant to be broken. So, I went slightly off the grid when I styled this outfit.

I picked up the yellow no-name clutch from a local boutique a few years back. Unfortunately, it’s no longer in business. But, I still love shopping boutiques and upscale consignment for accessories. You never know what kinds of treasures you’re going to find. In this case, I absolutely got the result I was looking for. What about you? Any color combos that captivate you? Tell me about it in the comments below.

MIDI SKIRT: The Loft | SHIRT: Bebe | CLUTCH: Oldie but a goodie | SHOES: Steve Madden | NECKLACE: BCBG


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