It’s all about the journey: The best pieces for traveling in style

Traveling is one of the things I enjoy most in life. But there are many aspects of the journey – like the pre-planning plan, packing and confinement to tight spaces – I could seriously do without.

I am meticulous when it comes to travel prep. I think my overly-developed attention to detail is enough to drive even the most passive person to contemplate pulling a knife on me. I take the phrase “I just want to make sure,” to a whole new level.

One seemingly benign, yet terribly worrisome aspect of any trip for me is figuring out what my “going away” outfit will be.  It has to be comfortable and it has to travel well. I don’t want my clothing to inhibit me, nor do I want to look like I’ve been traveling all day. I want to look impossibly fresh when I arrive at my final destination.

That’s why these linen pants were the perfect choice for a recent trip we took to transport our daughter to college. Granted, the trip is only four hours by car, but the “accordion” look isn’t one I typically go for when I travel. Linen is a material that’s made to crease and wrinkle. So, the longer it’s worn, odds are the better it will look.

That was very true of this simple, yet chic black and white combo I chose for the ride. The elastic waistband in the wide leg pants made sitting for long periods a breeze without any discomfort around the waist area. And the sleeveless shirt made the August heat bearable … but only just.  The cutout detail in the back, as well as the high-low hem also took an otherwise unimaginative black shirt to a different level.

Overall, I was really pleased with the way this minimal ensemble turned out and most of all how well it held up. What about you? Any secrets you want to share for traveling in style? Let me know in the comments below.

SHIRT: Abound | PANTS: Loft | SHOES: Old Navy | WATCH: Coach | EARRINGS: Coach | BRACELETS: Alex & Ani


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  1. Love your choice. I managed to acquire two pair of lovely linen pants this season, one in white and one in Khaki, on sale at JCP, of all places! Elastic waist, drawstring, and a zipper, but very soft and comfy. I’m lovin’ them.

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