Separation anxiety

As the countdown to my daughter’s departure for college continued at an alarmingly fast rate, there was one question that my family, coworkers and friends all seemed to ask on an almost daily basis: “How are you going to feel when your daughter leaves?”

*Blank stare*

Suddenly, the answer to a seemingly simple question had become very complex. I mean … how the heck should I know? I’ve never had a child leave for college before.

I knew I would feel some level of sadness. What loving parent wouldn’t, right? But, when the inevitable happened a few days ago, I could never have guessed that it would feel quite like this.

Even though I’m a writer, the words to adequately describe my stifling sense of loss is proving to be a bit evasive. So far, all I’ve been able to come up with is: This really sucks!

Don’t get me wrong. I want nothing more for my daughter than for her to have the best, brightest future possible. And, I know that will only happen through a quality education. But, have I mentioned that this sucks?

Time heals all things. In theory, I know this. But the reality is that her absence has left a void. One that I, her little sister and her father will have to work through. Not only for our sake, but hers as well.

Until the separation starts to suck a little less, I will take comfort in knowing that she’s got a great head on her shoulders and she’s excited about becoming a voice in this world.

God be with you and protect you, my dear, sweet Chelsea-Bear! Mommy loves you to the moon and back! Xoxo

With little sis Sydney by her side, there’s nothing this girl can’t handle!
Finally … she’s all moved in! Whew!
Now, it’s time to eat with the rest of the FAMUly.
Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women.



4 thoughts on “Separation anxiety”

  1. Missing her terribly. This however, is a necessary next step to see our Chelsea-Bear get a world class education so that she can make her mark on the world. There’s no better place to do it than FAMU!

    Stay with God! Daddy loves you.

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