Wear it now and wear it later. How to transition your look effortlessly from one season to the next

Like most people, I don’t have a few extra thousand dollars lying around that I can earmark for buying an entire new wardrobe each season. So, ensuring the bucks that I do spend deliver the bang that I want sometimes requires a little planning and a lot of creativity.

When I’m searching for new wardrobe additions, I ask myself one very important question: How will it transition? In other words, can I wear it now while the weather is warmer and later when things (hopefully) begin to cool down? If the answer is no, then back on the rack it goes!

Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on your perspective, Florida weather is fairly predictable. There’s only going to be about a month and a half of actual colder temperatures. Which means most of my wardrobe could be categorized as transitional.

It seems that 2015 has been the year of the jumpsuit. And, I totally get it. They’re cool, comfortable and very easy to dress up or down, which are all great attributes of most transitional pieces.

While I’m proud of my curvy body, I’m not super comfortable with having my “assets” on display, so I’ve typically steered clear of jumpsuits. But, this wide-legged beauty from The Loft made me rethink my position recently. The cut of this particular piece, I thought, really worked for my body type. The wider pant leg provides a bit of visual balance by helping reduce the appearance of curviness through the hip area.


The light, tailored jacket I added is perfect for those cooler days. And, when the weather is steamy, I can pair this jumper with some open-toed gladiator heels and minimal jewelry for a nice after-work ensemble.


Do you have some favorite transitional looks for fall? Tell me about them in the comments below.

JACKET: The Loft | JUMPSUIT: The Loft | GLADIATOR HEELS: BCBG | PUMPS: Steve Madden NECKLACE: Tiffany & Co. | BANGLES: Coach | WATCH: Coach | PURSE: Oldie buy goodie


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