The best way to wear wide leg pants

If there was a category on this blog entitled, “If you never try, you’ll never know,” this post would be the perfect entry. For the longest time, I avoided wearing wide leg pants. I’d tried them in the past and was less than impressed with the results. I thought they looked great on other (taller) people, but I didn’t quite “get” how to create a flattering silhouette for a curvy (slightly shorter) body type like mine. Then, one day, on a random jaunt to Nordstrom Rack, I discovered the secret to pulling off the look: I went up by one size. A quick Google search on the term “wide leg pants” will reveal a bevy of photos featuring leggy, model-thin women wearing the trend flawlessly. Since I’m wider through the hip and thigh area, I had to make certain accommodations to achieve the look I wanted. After pairing these comfy beauties with a turtleneck and boots, I have to admit that this time, I was pretty pleased with the result. What about you? What advice would you give for pulling off a trend with confidence? Tell me about it in the comments below.






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30 thoughts on “The best way to wear wide leg pants”

  1. i have not bought any wide leg pants because of how they fit. i’m short and curvy as well so this tip should hopefully help them look better on me

  2. I just love wide pants!!! My hubby however gets so mad when I wear them… He likes leggings and anything tight… Typical dude -_-

  3. You can t go wrong with a wide-leg pantsuit in a statement color. Miroslava Duma knows not much is required by way of accessories when you rock this look with a contrasting white blouse.

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