Perfectly flawed

After taking a few blog photos for me recently, my husband looked at me and said, “Considering where you were a couple years ago, I never would have imagined you’d be doing the things you’re doing now.”

I looked at him and smiled. “That makes two of us.”

Anyone who knows me even marginally well knows that I had major anxiety about having my photo taken. I often found it difficult, when I saw photos of myself, to refrain from emphasizing each and every flaw – whether real or perceived.

Some (not all) people – even those claiming to be friends – can be cruel. And, over the years, I’ve had some pretty rude comments hurled my way. So, self-deprecation became my go-to for subconsciously soothing the sting. Years later, l would come to realize that this behavior was a way for me to protect myself from criticism. I mean, if I were my own harshest critic, then nothing anyone else said could possibly hurt me, right?

It took a while for me get here, but today, I am my own biggest cheerleader (although hubby might take exception to that).  Now, when I see my photos, I still tend to focus on all my flaws. But, instead of being embarrassed or fearful, I’m proud.

My journey on the road to self-love has been a long one, indeed. But now that I’m on it, I can’t wait to see where it leads.

PHOTOS: Stacy Pierce Photography

MAKEUP: Ebony Stephens

STYLING: LaQuinda Brewington






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60 thoughts on “Perfectly flawed”

  1. Inspiring article. The word ‘perfect’ in the title represents God’s work. You are His child and that makes you perfect! The confidence you mention can be looked upon as increase. More is coming. Get ready!

  2. Great article! I believe flaws are beautiful… who defines what is perfect anyway? Something one may find a flaw another may find an attribute! Btw Love the shoes for a pop of color!

  3. This is so beautiful! How lucky you are to have such a supportive and loving husband! Congratulations to you for overcoming your anxieties. And you look stunning in these photos!

  4. My sense of style stops at jeans and a t shirt. Throwing a blazer and heels would be a stretch that I could occaisionally make! Thanks!

  5. You look very happy. It’s very inspiring to hear your story. Struggling with anxiety is awful, and being able to come so far is amazing. You look very lovely.

  6. I still have anxiety about my pictures being taken, but I find that it gets better the more I do it 🙂 Glad you’re in a better place!

  7. You look beautiful! Its great to be confident in who you are and sometimes it takes time to grow into that. I still am not very comfortable with my picture being taken. Love those pink shoes and your blazer.

  8. I love that you’re choosing to embrace your “imperfections”, although I don’t see any on the pictures here. You are stunning and it’s better to not listen to people. Be your own judge, and make sure to love yourself.

  9. that is so exciting to hear that you are your biggest cheerleader!! these photos are lovely and i love the caption perfectly flawed

  10. It can be so hard to not criticize ourselves. I do it all the time, but I assure you that from this outsider’s perspective, you radiate beauty from within and on the outside.

  11. Yes, that girl in the mirror is the one who will always have your back, what better way to pay her back than to love her with all your heart?

  12. Those are by far the most gorgeous portraits I’ve seen. Your photographer has a great eye and your poses are so natural and eye-catching. You are just lovely in every photo you have ever taken. In this group, the top two are my favorites. Hands down. Or up!

  13. I am going to parrot what the others have said and agree that this is an inspiring post. The photographs are beautiful too and that shoe color *swoon*. The last photo is really stunning.

  14. I can understand how you feel. I always get nervous and anxious right before my photo shoots and then again when I post the pics to SM and my blog! Your outfit is perfect and you look amazing in all the pics!

  15. Very inspiring and you are beautiful! We should all embrace our imperfections, it’s hard at times but thanks for the reminder!

  16. I know how you felt about taking pictures. I was the same way, and for years, you wouldn’t see any personal photos of me on my blog. Now, I’ve learned that it’s kind of necessary to let people see you when connecting online with others.

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