Giving the bold shoulder

As corny as it might sound, I really did leave my heart in San Francisco – well, Napa Valley, to be exact. Seriously, since I’ve been back, not a single day has gone by that I haven’t thought about it at least once. It really was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. For the first time in a long time, I had a chance to get my “adult” on; wine tasting, checking out the local foodie scene (which is ahh-mazing, BTW) and museum hopping … you know, doing all the things that sophisticated adults in the movies do.

Anyway, I did quite a bit of wardrobe planning in advance. My goal was to pack light, but also give myself as many options as possible. If you’re the least bit familiar with northern California, then you know it can quickly go from 80 degrees during the day to 40 degrees at night. So, having pieces that I could mix, match, layer, then repeat was definitely top of mind for me.

One of the most versatile pieces I took was this little off-the-shoulder number. It’s a style that’s been trending for the past two years. Not surprising because it’s one of those items that looks good on just about anybody — tall, short, thick, slim, young or young at heart.

The cotton fabric meant it was light and airy during the day, and at night, I put on a cardigan to keep me warm. This top really came through for me. In addition to the outfit pictured in this post, I was able to pair it with jeans and a maxi skirt for a total of three outfits using this one shirt!

It was such a great find that I bought two similar pieces in different colors when I returned home. Remember those options I talked about earlier? A girl’s got to keep hers open, ya know?

So what about you? Any secrets you have for how to pack tight ‘n light? Do tell in the comments below.


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