Learning to Embrace YOU™ (Your Own Uniqueness)

I’ve heard my personal style described as everything from conservative and refined to sometimes relaxed and effortless. The irony is; when asked, I really can’t tell you what my personal style is. I just know what I like. And, I think that’s true for lots of people.

If there’s one thing all humans share, it’s that we like to look at pretty things. Even those people who claim they don’t know anything about what it takes to put together a great looking outfit can look at another person and tell almost instantly if the clothes they’re wearing look good on them.

Here’s the best thing about personal style. It can be whatever we want it to be. It doesn’t matter if it’s masculine or feminine; or natural or enhanced. It can even be refined or effortless. The point is: you are your style. It’s about self-expression, exploration and transformation. Most importantly, style is about understanding who you are and embracing it.

Believe it or not, picking clothes that make you feel more confident, more relaxed … more like you, isn’t difficult to do. The process always begins with one key question: What was the last thing you wore that made you feel really, REALLY great? The answer will get you that much closer to learning to Embrace YOU ™ (Your Own Uniqueness) and loving the way you look regardless of the situation.

To help you get started, I’ve put together this list of seven easy to follow guidelines to help you choose the right clothes for you every time. Download it here:

BONUS: Download my easy-to-follow guidelines for dressing better and feeling more confident in your clothes!

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