PROFILE: Turn your passion into a career (my friend Renee did, and so can you)

One of my longtime friends Renee Pollard-Bush (nope, we’re not related by blood, only sisterhood) moved back to the area recently, and she invited me to check out the fabulous new day spa she just opened in Orlando. Perfection Skin & Body Studio definitely lives up to its name!  I’ll tell you much more about that in a minute. But first, let me tell you a little bit about how I came to know this amazing human being.

It was more than 20 years ago when Renee and I first met. We were neighbors living in a small community right outside of Tampa. During some of our brief chats, I learned how passionate she is: about her family, about professionalism and about her beloved sorority, Delta Sigma Theta.

In the years since, Renee has literally trotted the globe as a busy corporate executive. But, no matter how far she’s ever gone, her heart was always right here in Florida. Many of her family members – brothers, sisters and a host of nieces and nephews – still live in Jacksonville.  And, she and her husband Michael, whom she married in 2015, now call Orlando home.

As Renee gave me a tour of her place, I couldn’t help but notice how knowledgeable and confident she was as she explained each of the services to me. I was especially impressed when she told me that she is certified to perform each and every one that the day spa offers! The teeth whitening service, for a style blogger like me who logs a lot of time in front of the camera, sounded especially intriguing.

Use code “SLG2020” to book 20 minutes of the super popular teeth whitening service for just $20!

“Professionalism is so important to me. I want to know every aspect of what it takes to run this business successfully,” she said. “That’s why I’m constantly taking classes and at least three times per year, I’m traveling to shows around the country to make sure I’m on top of the latest trends.”

Renee is quite possibly one of the most determined and vibrant women I know. And, I think a big part of her excitement comes from the fact that she loves what she’s doing.

For years, she worked in the healthcare sector, but it wasn’t something she truly loved. Instead, she used her passion for skincare to literally help women as well as men put their best faces forward and to launch an entirely new career.

Her services run the gamut from facials designed to cleanse and renew the skin to facials for teens who may be dealing with adolescent acne. She even has her own skincare line, NutraSkin Rx. I know, right?!? She is the real deal!

There’s no doubt that Renee is a savvy business woman, but she’s also a woman of God.  For me, her story serves as a testament of how He will work wonders in your life if you believe.

In the space of a few short years, Renee lost both her mother and father; parents whom she adored. Then, shortly after getting married, the home that she and Michael built got struck by lightning during a freak storm and burned to the ground.

The extreme level of heartache and adversity would have broken a lesser woman, I think. But, Renee had faith it would all work for her good. And I’m glad she did. She’s as close as ever to her family. And, she and Michael have not only rebuilt their home, but launched an AHHH-mazing business from the ground up. Ummm … winning!  As a side note: Renee and her husband found the space in December 2016 and they had their grand opening in January 2017! Say what!!!  That’s what I call a woman on a mission!

Right now, Renee is running a special promotion on one of her most in-demand services. Call (407) 924-2615 or visit Perfection Skin & Body Studio today and use the code “SLG2020” to book 20 minutes of the super popular teeth whitening service for just $20! Who doesn’t want a brighter smile, right?

Also, be sure to friend and follow the spa on Facebook and Instagram, where upcoming specials and other neat treats are posted on a regular basis.

I know you may be wondering what the secret to Renee’s success is? Well, she was gracious enough to share a few pearls of wisdom about how she turned her passion into a full-time career and I want to pass them on to you:

  • Do your research: Having a passion for what you do is one thing. But, turning that passion into a profitable career is quite another. Renee says before you take the leap and change your career, a little pre-work is required. Know who your competition is. Figure out whether there’s enough market share to support your idea. And, understand what it’s going to take to get your idea off the ground.
  • Find a niche: In a heavily saturated market, differentiation is the key to long term success. Who will benefit most from your services? Where do they hang out? How do you let them know where to find you? These are a few of the key questions Renee says need to be answered before starting a business.
  • Show your value: What service or product do you offer that a potential client might find educational, inspirational, informational or motivational? At the end of the day, Renee says, showing a client how you can help improve a dilemma or situation, is essential to success.
  • Never stop learning: Renee is a bona-fide expert in the skincare field and she has the certifications to prove it. She’s constantly training to ensure she can offer the best solutions for her clients. Her expertise – she can perform every service offered at the spa – is something she says her clients appreciate and really differentiates her from the competition.

To book your service or to take advantage of the 20 minute teeth whitening service for $20, call (407) 924-2615.

I love promoting positive women doing positive things! If you have a product or service you’d like to promote and would like to be featured in one of my SisterLadyGirl profiles, just drop me a note at  

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