Here’s what happened when I shopped my own closet

Few things in life give me greater joy than getting all dressed up. It was a couple of years ago that the hubby and I used one of our rare nights out to attend a black tie event for local bloggers.

I remember feeling hesitant about going because I thought it would require me having to go out and buy something new. I mean, black tie events are not our normal, so the pickins in my closet for formalwear were extremely thin.

Thank goodness that inside my own closet is exactly where I decided to start. Because waaaaay in the back is where I found this gem that I had long since forgotten about. And, it STILL fit!!

These days, shopping my own closet (and dresser drawers) is something I do quite often. And, each time, I rediscover some truly amazing finds!

In addition to rediscovering clothes that get “lost” in the shuffle of everyday life, I also use this exercise to clear out pieces that need to go. Clothes that look dated or worn, no longer fit my body or just don’t  represent who I am any longer, get thrown out, donated to charity, and in some cases, sold for profit.

If I have one piece of advice to offer before your next online purchase or trip to the mall, it’s this: Don’t underestimate the value of conducting your own closet audit. Like me, you might be beautifully surprised by what you find!

Want to work on getting your closet in order for 2018? I can help. Book a call and let’s chat:

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