You are not what you see

I’ve been on this personal style journey for a while and I think one of THE biggest lessons I’ve learned is that I am not what I see.

At the beginning of each new year, most popular fashion magazines publish articles about which style trends WE ALL should buy into if we want to be thought of as women with style.

I’ll be honest. That has never felt quite right to me. Me with the crazy, curly hair, chocolate skin tone, thick thighs, curvy hips and short legs. I just don’t fit into anyone’s ready-to-wear mold.

According to the fashion mags, being and thinking different — being true to my most authentic self — is bad. But, here’s the thing about me: I like to change my eye color. I like to look comfy and casual as much as I like to look all glammed up. I like to change the style of my hair; one day it’s long, the next day, I might opt to pull it back. Heck, I might even catch a whim and chop it all off! Trust me, it’s happened. A few times.

The truth of the matter is, all these things FEEL GOOD to me. And you know why? Because it’s who I am.

I like change. I do well with it. I embrace it. And, I’ve learned to incorporate something that is inherently a part of me into my everyday style.

Over the course of my style journey, I’ve learned how to create my own style my own way — fearlessly and unapologetically. And, I’ve never felt more free.

Contact me today and let’s talk about how we can create that same freedom for you, too! Talk to you soon.




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