What’s REALLY in your closet?

Have you ever taken a moment to truly examine the kind of clothing you consistently wear? 1) Do the clothes you wear most often function well with the lifestyle you’re leading? In other words, do your clothes match your lifestyle? As an example, if you’d rather go hiking or for long walks on the beach, then it suddenly becomes a lot clearer why those skirts and dresses you have keep getting pushed to the back of your closet.

By looking at your clothes from the perspective of — do these pieces fit seamlessly into my current lifestyle? — you’re actually making a very conscious decision about the image you’re most comfortable and confident presenting to others.

Does this mean you get to show up to a job interview in cutoff jean shorts and sandals just because you’re comfortable in them? Well, that would make quite the impression, but I suspect it won’t be in a way that’s going to land you that job. On the same token, it’s highly unlikely that anybody who enjoys spending the majority of their time doing outdoor activities will be comfortable in a midi-dress and heels.

Figuring out your lifestyle can be tricky if you don’t know what to look for. Here’s a relatively pain-free way to do it. For the next couple of weeks, 2) track your activities and what you wear to each of them. It’s a concept that’s very similar to the way people who want to lose weight use food trackers. 3) This visual record will provide you with some really valuable insight into your wardrobe, and serve as a great indicator for items in your closet that may be over or underrepresented.

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