Learn to love florals

SHOCKED! That’s how I felt after hearing one of my clients tell me that she doesn’t “do” florals. Besides animal prints, florals is probably one of THE most versatile prints you could have in your closet.

So, this week (and, just in time for spring), I’m going to show you just how much fun florals can be.

When most people think about floral prints, they tend to think about pastel colors. But, when it comes to personal style, there are no hard and fast rules.

Me, personally? I love all things black and white, so I’m kicking off “I LOVE FLORALS” week with this look I created using my signature color palette.

Be sure to check back every day and let me know what you think of each look in the comments. Is it a “yay” or a “nay?”

It’s going to be a fun, beautiful week, lovelies!



P.S. Want more great ideas about how to have fun with the clothes that are already in your closet? Grab my 30-Day LOTD Calendar now!

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