Master print mixes

Nothing makes me feel more feminine and more edgy than a good print mix. Throw in a little texture at a few key areas, and you’ve got an ocular smorgasboard!

I love giving the eye something interesting to view.

One of the things that each and every person on the planet shares (I don’t care who you are or where you come from), is the ability to discern if something is pleasing to the eye or if it’s not. It’s total instinct.

Where a lot of people get hung up is understanding how to apply those instincts in a tangible, visible way. You know those people. Or maybe you’re one of them. They’re the folks who say to anyone who’ll listen that they don’t have any personal style.

I reject that.

Remember, we each know intuitively what looks good TO us. And, that puts us one step closer to knowing what will look good ON us.

The reason I love florals so much is because they’re so versatile. I just like them! And, there’s so much beauty you can create using this print as a basis for any outfit.

I happen to LOVE outfits with visual texture and contrast. Here, I used the ribbing in the shirt to balance out the huge pattern at the bottom of the skirt. I also thought the shoes and the bracelet combo added a bit of Wonder Woman bad-assery to an otherwise uber feminine outfit. Finally, I carried the circular element of the bracelet through to each of the accessories I chose; a simple pair of earrings and a mini coin clutch.

So, what do you think of this look? Drop a line in the comments and let me know.



P.S. Have you been following the series on florals this week? No worries. I got you! Here’s a link to the first post and a link to the second post. Enjoy!

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