Stuck in a style rut? Here are 5 easy ways to break free

Have you ever opened your closet door and asked yourself (again), “What am I going to wear today?”

Are you frustrated by the way you look, but you don’t know how to change it?

Do you wish you could get dressed every morning quickly and confidently?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, it could be a sign that you’re stuck in a style rut.

You might be surprised to learn that developing a style all your own isn’t really hard. In fact, a great sense of style starts with something each and every person on the planet already has. It’s called an imagination. And, the only requirement is a higher degree of open-mindedness.

Getting started may be easier for some than it is for others. So, to help, I’ve put together a list of five easy things you can do right now to break free of a style rut:

  1. Pay more attention to your surroundings. From the colors in the sky, to the leaves on the ground, and everything in between; inspiration – quite literally – is all around you. Ask yourself what resonates with you the most: colors, textures, shapes, etc. Use this knowledge to trigger your creativity.
  2. The next time you see someone with a great sense of style, ask yourself what it is about their look you like so much and what elements you might be able to replicate or incorporate into your own wardrobe.
  3. Take note of things that “speak” to you. Your inspiration might be an image from a blog, your favorite magazine or social media site. Use this as an opportunity to free your mind and think beyond the boundaries of your normal “comfort zone.”
  4. Make a list of every outfit you wore last week. What elements of each ensemble would you change or tweak to upgrade the look?
  5. If all of your clothes were lost as a result of a fire, flood, tornado or whatever, what 10 items would you replace first?

Want to learn more about how to break out of your style rut?

Download my free email course Dressing with Intention. It’s five days of easy to digest style lessons aimed at helping you create your own personalized plan to build a wardrobe that reflects your personal style on your own terms.

Download it today to get started!



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