This skirt’s a head turner

I’ve never met a full skirt I didn’t like. It’s one of those clothing items — and I think everyone has at least one — that makes me feel like the most feminine, confident version of myself.

I tend to stick to a fairly standard color palette when it comes to wearing clothes that make me comfortable. My closet is filled with lots of black, dark blue, brown, tan and white pieces. Despite what others might say about “getting out of the box,” every once in a while, I believe that it’s perfectly fine to like what you like.

And, I’m here to tell you … I liked THIS SKIRT! I’ve never been particularly crazy about color, but THIS SKIRT became one of my wardrobe exceptions for a number of reasons.

The hot pink hue is a complete head turner all by itself. But, when you add in the structure around the waist (it makes me look snatched without having to wear a shaper), the pockets (I’m always searching for somewhere to anchor my overly expressive hands) and the length (it’s so versatile and works in practically any situation I’d ever find myself in), it was a complete no brainer. I knew THIS SKIRT would be one of those mainstay pieces that I could wear again and again without having to worry that it would look dated and worn out.

I didn’t want to wear anything that would compete with the skirt’s sauciness, so I paired it with a plain white button down. I think the gathering detail on the oversized sleeves also helped amplify the ultra feminine feel I wanted to create with this outfit.

I felt so strong and sure of myself when I was wearing this outfit. I truly believe when you’re confident — not cocky — it shines through.

I’d love to know what pieces in your wardrobe make you feel the most confident. Tell me all about it in the comments below and what you might wear with it to level up your look.  

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6 thoughts on “This skirt’s a head turner”

    • Thanks so much! There’s a delicate balance between being ultra feminine and girly. I think the outfit struck a nice balance.

    • This shirt is one of my favorites for sure! I’ve never worn it with jeans, but that’s not a bad idea! 🙂

  1. Love the color and style. I have a similar style skirt (though it needs heming) but i don’t know how to wear it in that i’m thick around the waist and if i had a top tucked in i think i’d look like a tank

    Any suggestions because my skirt cost $$$ and i haven’t even worn it in a year.


    • Hey, Jane! Thanks so much for your comment! When you’re thicker around the waist, it’s all about creating the illusion that you’re not. To help minimize your middle area, try pairing your skirt with a peplum style top, which naturally will make your waistline look smaller. You also might try wearing a jacket that stops right at the waist. This length creates the illusion of a more defined waist. Because the skirt is so full, I’d also recommend that the jacket have either short or cap sleeves which offers a bit more visual balance from top to bottom. Lastly, have you ever thought about color? You mentioned that you had a similarly colored skirt. What if you paired it with a vibrant yellow or electric blue top to help break things up? I’d love to see you wear your skirt again! Let me know if you think any of these suggestions would work for you. Good luck!

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