The fool proof formula for finding your personal image sweet spot

Want to discover the right fashion style that feels true to you and creates an “I have to talk to
this woman again!” first impression?

You can. It’s called your image sweet spot; that place between wearing clothes that make you feel
comfortable and clothes that create a remarkable first impression.

How do you get there? Here’s my simple formula:

  • Intention + Affirmation = Personal Brand Image

Now, you can use this quick exercise to find yours:

  • “I want to be known as THE … [describe your intention for your life + your business]
  • “When I imagine myself in this role, I look like …[affirm how you want the world to see you by describing the last thing you wore that made you feel comfortable and confident]
  • “Dressing this way makes me feel …[what three words best describe your ideal look? Bright, Conservative, Fun?]

Congratulations! You’ve just found your personal image sweet spot!

Want to learn even more about how to make better, more intentional clothing choices right now?

Sign up here to reserve your spot for my first-ever webinar, 3 Secrets for Creating Figure
Flattering Outfits and learn how to:

  • Align your style with your life
  • Develop your style uniform, and
  • Create your customized wardrobe recipe

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