That time I had my personal style epiphany

I used to get so annoyed when people described my personal style as conservative. Back then, I thought “conservative” meant boring, old or just downright unimaginative. I wanted to be more like my favorite fashion bloggers on “The Gram,” posting jaw-dropping pictures from exotic locations and boasting thousands of followers waiting anxiously for my next #ootd.

Chyyyle … I think those dreams of grandeur lasted for about a week! Because my reality is this: I’m a hard working wife and mom with a demanding full-time life.

Now, that’s not to suggest my fellow blogger baes aren’t. But, that style of blogging – the kind that required me to chase down the latest trends, have a photographer and makeup artist on standby and be the most exotic every day lady with a celebrity lifestyle – just wasn’t me.

Thankfully, I came to the epiphany that I am not what I see pretty early in my blogging journey.

I am not a 20-something. I don’t have an amazing beach body, a closet full of designer clothing and an endless budget to go out and buy more of the same.

I am a mature woman with style. I’m obsessed with comfort. I’m driven by coaching (personal style is a learned behavior) and I’m confident in my choices.

Now, when someone calls my style conservative, I smile. Because that’s the image I’ve cultivated and people get it. It’s what they expect from me.

It’s my “sweet spot” – that place between wearing clothing I love and making a memorable impression. I’d love to help you find that place as well.

Click here to schedule your free, no obligation 20- minute Image Awakening session with me.

I can’t wait to help you take your style into your own hands and awaken the power of your personal image!


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