How to make new outfits using clothes you already have

It’s a challenge many women I know (yours truly included) have faced: You get bored with the way you dress and want to do something different, but you don’t have the time, money or patience to make major changes.

In spite of feeling stuck and uninspired, why is it that you keep reaching for the same clothes week after week? I tend to think it’s because you’ve managed to convince yourself that it’s what feels most comfortable or it’s something that’s super quick to slip into. If you’re anything like me, every second counts when I’m trying to get out the door in the morning.

Believe it or not, YOU ACTUALLY CAN maximize the clothes in your current wardrobe, plus feel and look put together Every. Single. Day. And, the best part is, it’s not hard and doesn’t take a lot of time.

Here are four things you can do right now to make what you’re wearing feel interesting again:

Pair something casual with something more formal

Using this simple technique can take an otherwise basic item like a t-shirt up a notch; delivering a look that’s both unexpected as well as interesting. Think of it as if you were mixing situations (i.e. if you were going to the beach and opera at the same time, what would you wear?)

Mix patterns and colors

Anyone who follows my blog knows I have an obsession with mixing prints. It’s one of my favorite techniques to use because it’s fun and allows me to really use my creativity.

Pair similar colors to create a monochrome look

Black isn’t the only color that has a slimming effect. By visually creating a column of color, you instantly elongate your frame which gives the impression that you’re thinner!

Color block

This is the polar opposite of monochrome look, but if done correctly, can look just as polished and cohesive. Instead of wearing a single color, you’re wearing large blocks of it on different parts of your body.

What do you think of these suggestions? Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever tried creating any of these looks.



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