Month: October 2018

Dumping that negative self image

By Quin / October 26, 2018

Since launching Sisterladygirl, I’ve learned a lot about how women actually see themselves and I have to admit, its a little disappointing: “My boobs are too big, this color won’t look good on me, I’m too old to wear this.” The negative self images we’ve cultivated as a result of our obsession with looking a … Read More

My new season of looking

By Quin / October 19, 2018

Growing up, I learned a lot (both consciously and subconsciously) about WHAT a woman should be – a good wife and mom, a provider, and someone whose dresses should be tight enough to show she’s a woman and loose enough to show she’s a lady. Despite knowing all of these things, the HOW of it was … Read More

4 layered outfit combos to try today

By Quin / October 5, 2018

It’s still hot as the devil outside here in Florida, so it’s been difficult wrapping my mind around the fact that the weather is changing (somewhere out there) from summer to fall. As much as I’d love to trade in my easy summer essentials for some cozy fall favorites, I can’t do that just yet. … Read More

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