This one thing can add years to your life

When I started my blog offering style, health, beauty, career and relationship inspiration to mature women, I never thought one of my biggest supporters would actually be a man. My hubby Marc has been with me every step of the way; catching me when I fell and lifting me even higher when I won.

Marc is quite literally my biggest cheerleader. I don’t think SisterLadyGirl would have survived this long had he not been there supporting me and talking me through the difficult times. He genuinely wants to see me win. He gives me his honest opinion; telling me what I NEED to hear, not just what I WANT to hear. He makes me laugh and he’s fun to be around.

Marc is my best friend; my ride or die. And according to some studies, if you don’t have that special someone who plays the same role in your world, you could be cutting years off your life.

Did you know sharing a deep connection with another person; someone you can openly talk to or ask for help, is a key factor to longevity? Having a strong support system also is essential for helping to alleviate stress, a major driver in the aging process.

All these years, I thought it was good genes (thanks mom and dad) that had people mistaking me for being younger than I actually am. As it turns out, my hubby (at least in part) is literally my lifeline.

While the establishment of strong relationships is an important factor in maintaining your overall health and life expectancy, there are some other fun, easy ways to start living your best (and longer) life that include:

  • Getting outside and enjoying good weather
  • Committing to a daily exercise routine
  • Increasing sex with your partner
  • Eating more vegetables
  • Identifying and prioritizing stressors
  • Making regular doctor’s visits
  • Avoiding risks (situations and habits)

Here’s to good health and relationships. Cheers!



Images: Blue Lite Photography


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