Month: February 2019

Why I fell off the weight loss wagon (and got back on again)

By Quin / February 22, 2019

Early last year, I lost over 20 pounds. I was doing everything right; drinking my alkaline water, walking, eating clean, and taking my vitamins. My skin had never been more clear. My hair was healthy, shiny and growing like crazy. In the summer, we finally headed off on that beach vacation I’d been prepping for … Read More

How to do menswear like a lady

By Quin / February 8, 2019

Besides Victoria Beckham, one of my greatest sources for style inspiration is probably Diane Keaton. If you don’t know who she is, Google her and then thank me later. Keaton’s style is iconic. She was doing the menswear thing before it even was a thing. Her feminine treatment of masculine pieces is artistic, kooky, current, … Read More

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