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I have what my husband likes to call, a busy mind. I’m always thinking about the next thing – what needs to get done, how to do it and when. Crafting my “To Do” list is a never-ending exercise; the moment I check off one task, I add two more to take its place. Sometimes, the thoughts in my head are total chaos.

Admittedly, it’s not a sustainable existence, and left unchecked can lead to self-destructive consequences. Mental and physical exhaustion, spiritual anguish and self-loathing only scratch the surface of what can happen.

Ask me how I know.

At some point in this life, we’ll all experience that “rat on a wheel” feeling when it seems like we’re running as hard as we can, but we’re not getting anywhere fast. One thing I know for certain is this: Our time on the wheel is inevitable, but it’s not everlasting.

In my haste to get to the next thing, I’ve often overlooked the most obvious thing: I have control over myself, the things I do and the things I accept. While it’s true this world and the people in it are unpredictable, the way I handle said situations doesn’t have to be.

Over time, I’ve grown intimately familiar with the triggers – certain tasks, circumstances, and even personalities – that set me off and interfere with my ability to make meaningful progress. On those days when it feels like the rat wheel is spinning out of control – when you’ve lost the capacity to compromise, care, think, change, give, hear or do whatever “thing” is driving you crazy – just step off, even if it’s only for one precious moment.

It’s possible. It’s vital. Most importantly, it’s within your control.

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