SisterLadyGirl is changing … here’s how

A few weeks back, I revealed on my Instagram feed some plans I have to transform this blog. I’ve been quietly meeting with some really creative folks who are helping (and in some cases lovingly pushing) me to bring my vision to life.

Honestly, I’ve never felt more sure about what I wanted to do with this space and it’s given me an incredible sense of calm. Which is ironic because typically, I’m THAT person who will second guess a situation to death.

One thing I’ve learned is this: The fear of what comes next is one of the quickest ways to become trapped by “analysis paralysis,” as my hubby likes to call it. But, flexibility isn’t such a bad thing. That’s part of the joy of being on this journey … I don’t have to be exactly sure of the “next step.” All I have to do is be brave enough to take the “first step.”

So, here it is and I’m sharing it with you first in this AUDIO RECORDING.

I hope you’ll take a few moments to listen and let me know what you think.



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