How to “shoot your shot”

When you make peace with yourself, your reflection will start to change.

Tomorrow, I officially turn 50! If you were to ask me a few short years ago if I was ready for it, I probably would have said no. But, amazingly, I am and it feels really good.

The world would have us believe that at this age, our best years are behind us. But I say I’ve just entered into the best season of my life. There’s no time like the present to “shoot my shot” and start doing more of what I want to do instead of what I have to do.

I celebrated my joint birthday and anniversary with my husband last week and I couldn’t decide if wearing this mini dress and a straight ponytail felt “risky” or “risqué”. It’s been a long time since I’ve done either.

But, I quickly realized it’s not about what “they” will say more than it’s about how I will feel. Ultimately I chose to go with it because I liked who and what I saw in the mirror. She’s far from perfect, but she is happy.

Don’t get me wrong, making intentional choices isn’t easy. Women in my generation have traditionally been taught to only “dream” of having that house with a white picket fence rather than learning what to “do” in order to get it. It’s a difficult mindset to overcome. But, it’s not impossible.

I’ve got a download, “Getting What You Want Guide,” that might help you get started. Click on the banner at the top and it’s all yours!

The important thing to remember is, this is your time. Evolution is always an option. So go on and shoot your shot, sis! Then celebrate your growth!



Hair: Hair By Tammica
Dress: T-Marie’s Boutique
Photos: Christina Jones Photography

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