There’s no due date on new beginnings

I sometimes wonder who decided that January 1 is the day we should all hit the reset button.

Every year on this date, there’s the belief that if we publicly declare we’ll do, get or change something, our lives will be so much better than they were the year before.

But, here’s the thing — change doesn’t have a due date. Change happens as a result of the choices we make, regardless of what time of year it is.

In spring 2019, I decided to seek a Masters degree. By summer, I was enrolled in my first class.

Change is not haphazard. Change is intentional. I wasn’t sure about the when, where or how. But, I was absolutely certain about what I wanted — a Masters degree. I worked my way backwards from there.

News flash: January 1 will contain the same 24 hours as the day before and every day after. The difference is what you choose to do with your time.

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