My favorite off-the-shoulder looks

We’ve all heard the saying, “When you look good, you feel good.” That’s never more true for me than when I’m wearing an off-the-shoulder look. I happen to think my shoulders are one of my best features, so I like to show them off every chance I get.

Society has so many rules about what women should and shouldn’t wear at certain ages. But, I’m not so sure those standards still hold up the way they once did. “Self care” is part of our everyday lingo now. As more women focus on taking better care of themselves, their 40s and 50s are starting to look a whole lot different than they did for their mothers and grandmothers.

That’s huge for a generation of women (my generation) who are often referred to as invisible — the middle child — squished between Baby Boomers and Millennials. I love that we have the freedom to show up in whatever way makes us feel most comfortable. Here are some of my favorites.

Gray romper from Fa’brik 

BCP “Because” t-shirt  

Blue and white striped shirt

Black asymmetrical tee from And Andrea

Green tunic from Macy’s 

Floral print dress from Lena Maxey Boutique

Peasant dress from Target

Top from Mainstream Boutique Riverview

African print skirt worn as a dress

Love sweatshirt from Target

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