Going grey with confidence: 7 silver sisters you’ve just got to see

I’m not going to sit here and tell you that I’ve always been comfortable with my grey hair. It took a global pandemic for me to start embracing that part of my persona. But, I’ve slowly come to realize that while it’s true I’m getting older, it’s not a sign that I am old.

When Covid-19 kept me from going to the salon to get my greys covered, I’ll admit that I felt a little anxious about how people would perceive me if I let my silver strands shine through.

What helped me move past my insecurities was seeing how other women are living with — and frankly loving — their silver hair. The list of women who inspire me grows every single day, but here are seven of my all-time favorite silver sisters on Instagram. 

You can also check out some of the hair care products I’m using right now to keep my strands healthy and vibrant.

JJMUA (Photo credit: @jjMUA)

Cheryl (Photo credit: @iceefitness)

Revelina (Photo credit: @Revelina.Tokromo)

Carla (Photo credit: @fabnfitbycarla)

Samantha (Photo credit: @samanthapollack)

Tennille (Photo credit: @TheTennilleLife_)

L. Hunt (Photo credit: @_beautyover40)




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