Create your de-stress ‘SOS’ plan

You’ve got a lot on your plate right now. Don’t we all! But, here’s the great news: You can start using these three easy and effective strategies today to help you get and then keep your stress under control going forward:

Spot the SIGNS

Catch the things that are stressing you out early by carefully watching for:

  • Stressors: A person, place, or situation that causes you to feel anxious.
  • Your response to stressors: The thoughts, physical sensations, behaviors and urges you have when you encounter your stressor. Some response examples include:
    • Feeling defenseless
    • Questioning whether or not you’re good enough
    • Overthinking things
    • Elevated heart rate
    • Headache
    • Body twitches
    • Sweating

Recognize your OPPORTUNITIES

Identify chances to practice redirecting your emotions by:

  • Assessing your triggers: Words, activities and behaviors that cause you to feel stressed.
  • Doing some honest self-reflection – Take time to get to know yourself. Know your strengths and weaknesses. This can be done through a personal SWOT analysis


Plan a healthy, realistic stress management solution by:

  • Applying a bit of perspective: In addition getting to know yourself, get to know others, practice active listening, and ask questions to get more information before jumping to a conclusion.
  • Putting yourself in the shoes of others: If you’re stressed, it makes sense that others might be experiencing it too. Give yourself and others a bit of grace.

Think of a situation that made you feel really stressed out. Now, create your own personalized SOS plan using the strategies above.


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