The amazingly versatile Topshop midi coat

Finally! Cooler weather has arrived! That means I can start breaking out some of my favorite cool weather pieces like this Topshop midi coat I got on sale a couple years ago at Nordstrom. I think one of the best things about this piece is it’s versatility. Lately, I’ve been wearing it to work as … Read More

How to dress when fall doesn’t feel like fall

I’ve always loved fall weather. But, here in Florida, we’re lucky if we get a “cool” front to bring down temperatures to the mid to upper 70s. When everyone else in the free world is starting to break out their boots, hats, coats and scarves, we Floridians are still walking around in short sleeves and … Read More

Dumping that negative self image

Since launching Sisterladygirl, I’ve learned a lot about how women actually see themselves and I have to admit, its a little disappointing: “My boobs are too big, this color won’t look good on me, I’m too old to wear this.” The negative self images we’ve cultivated as a result of our obsession with looking a … Read More

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