It’s just genes, gel and water

By Quin / October 8, 2014

The idea for this blog sprang up from a very simple idea: my hair.  More specifically, it was people’s reaction to my hair. It’s rare for me to make it through the day without someone asking me about it. The conversation usually starts with: “Excuse me … I love your hair.” Then come a series … Read More


By Quin / October 8, 2014

In my world, it’s the little things that make me the happiest. Right now, I am in love with these little “Wallflowers” pluggable home fragrance diffusers from Bath & Body Works.  They make my house smell like a day spa. When I walk in from a hard day at work, the aroma just washes over … Read More

I’m okay with raising an angry black woman

By Quin / October 8, 2014

For a little more than two weeks, New York Times TV critic, Alessandra Stanley’s characterization of Shonda Rhimes as an “angry black woman,” has ruled the headlines and ironically, angered thousands of other black women across the country with her trite stereotype. Maybe I’m a little different because I didn’t feel anger. Instead, I felt … Read More

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