This skirt’s a head turner

I’ve never met a full skirt I didn’t like. It’s one of those clothing items — and I think everyone has at least one — that makes me feel like the most feminine, confident version of myself. I tend to stick to a fairly standard color palette when it comes to wearing clothes that make … Read More

Clothing swaps are a different way to shop

It’s still pretty early in the new year which means there’s still lots of talk about fresh starts and transformations. It seems like everybody’s talking about closet cleanses as a great way to do that and I tend to agree. But, what do you do with all the clothes you’ve purged from your closet? Something … Read More

I admit it, this one sorta stung

The other day I got called out (in a very loving way) by my life coach. She wanted to know what my intentions were for SisterLadyGirl. Was I serious about growing the business? What were my plans for continuing to serve the women who were part of this community? I was so caught off-guard by … Read More

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