Your Second Act Starts Now!

The Second Act Summit Society by SisterLadyGirl was created with the goal of providing useful tips and resources to help women over 40 travel the road to midlife with more peace and ease. That’s why we’re so excited to share an amazing offer featuring some of the best, most inspirational, motivational and actionable content from our conference speakers in one single bundle.

Have you ever felt like your life could use a ‘refresh,’ but you didn’t know where to turn for guidance about how to free yourself from feeling stuck, discouraged and unmotivated? Well, sis … here it is.


From Quin,
with Love...

Take a look at what’s inside:


Secily Wilson

Life happens to everyone and sometimes it’s not what you had planned. Throughout the pages of "She Said the "P" Word", best-selling author Secily Wilson takes you on a journey of endurance, strength and courage that helps unleash the power of perseverance, purpose and passion in all of us.

Krista Marra

The "Balance Starter Package" does just that … gets you started on your journey to balanced overall wellness. It also includes a health assessment.


Carin Kilby Clark

"Side Hustle Quick Start" is THE step-by-step plan that can help get your side business off the ground in a weekend.

Vanessa Cabrera

"10 Killer Content Creation Hacks" is the most sought-after digital marketing training there is. If you want to learn how to create a ton of content for your online business in half the time, this course is for you.


Angel Richards

Living a clutter-free life doesn’t have to be hard. "Clutter to Clarity" offers some practical, yet simple solutions to declutter your life, reach your goals and live your dreams.

Felicia Dhanani

The 45-minute "Self-Connection Session" is a one-on-one conversation with Felicia where she will teach you how to set daily goals for self-connection. You’ll complete a goal sheet, do yoga and breath work to improve your health and daily actionable tasks to ensure you’re making strides towards your health and connection goals.


Taiche' Griffin

"Lipo-Trim Spray" is a concentrated sublingual spray containing amino acids and B vitamins that works to convert fat into energy.

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