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You’re unsure about what comes next at this stage in your life.

You’re feeling overlooked and underutilized despite having decades of on-the-job experience.

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You want more freedom and fulfillment without having to sacrifice your finances.

You’re ready to uncover what you’re truly meant to do, but don’t know where or how to start. 

You just want to find YOU again.

You want to leverage your expertise to earn extra income, plus keep your 9-to-5.

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Sister Lady Girl Is Where Working Women At A Crossroads Can Get The Tools And Resources They Need to Start Something New WITHOUT HAVING TO COMPROMISE THEIR FINANCES

To Find Fulfillment.


I’ve helped hundreds of women in midlife who feel overlooked and undervalued get the tools and resources they need to feel more visible, more vital and relevant as they enter, explore and experience the second phase of life. I’ve gone from being a corporate cog to a successful sidepreneur and now, a midlife mentor showing other women over the age of 40 how to use their years of earned knowledge and experience to create new opportunities for themselves. SisterLadyGirl was created to help women in midlife navigate what comes next by educating, empowering and equipping them to lean into the skills and experiences they already have to launch the business, idea or project of their dreams in the next chapter of life. 

Hey, There!

My name is Quin.




This website includes tools and resources designed to help you navigate whatever comes next. All you need is the desire, some inspiration, and a little bit of guidance.


Whether you’re re-envisioning your calling, re-establishing your identity or re-focusing on you – it is entirely possible to create a deeply satisfying life that you genuinely love.


Reaching your middle years doesn’t have to mean the beginning of the end. In fact, you have the power to create a new, amazing beginning and live a life that’s more gratifying.


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We host curated workshops and events throughout the year to help change the narrative about what’s possible for women in midlife by providing the tools and resources they need to pivot into doing something new.

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Ready to learn ways to monetize your years of on-the-job knowledge and experience by packaging what you know into a profitable business idea?

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3 Ways

pam C.

"The interesting thing for me was the pieces were already there, but they were scrambled and all over the place. She helped me piece them together which gave me a much clearer roadmap to my journey."

"Quin opened my eyes to so many opportunities that I could take advantage of."

 - Shirelle F.

for this event today it changed the trajectory of my life and confirmed so much."

"Words cannot express how grateful I am

- Natasha m.

"Every woman who wants to get to the next level of elevation should attend.”

"The Second Act Summit is one of the best and most inspiring events I have ever attended."

 - Sherri M

"It was so inspiring to be surrounded by other women in their 40s and having real discussions surrounding issues that are important to us."

"The Second Act Summit was life changing."

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Let Me Show You How To Leverage What You Already Know To Create New Opportunities For Yourself, Earn Extra Income On The Side And Provide Real Value To Real People.

Reaching your middle years doesn’t have to mean the beginning of the end. In fact, we believe life after 40 is a beautiful new beginning. Our goal is to help you make the next phase of life your best phase of life by teaching you how to use your skills, knowledge and expertise to launch a part-time business or interest – so you can earn extra income, keep your paid, full-time position, and strengthen your financial security for the future.

Your Life, Lived Intentionally


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