Your Life, Lived Intentionally

This is your time to explore, dream and discover.

Believe it or not, reaching your middle years doesn’t have to mean the beginning of the end. In fact, now more than ever, you have the power to create a new, amazing beginning. To live a life that’s more gratifying, more intentional and gives you the confidence to take chances and the space to continually evolve.


Whether you’re re-envisioning your calling, re-establishing your identity or re-focusing on you – it is entirely possible to create a deeply satisfying life that you genuinely love. All you need is the desire, some inspiration, and a little bit of guidance.


This website includes all kinds of resources designed to help you navigate whatever comes next with style and grace. So, come on in, take a look around and get re-acquainted with your purpose.


The next phase can be your best phase

As women, we play a variety of roles – nurturers, protectors, caregivers and providers. We are in a constant state of evolution. Whether you’re looking for resources designed to help you refine and refresh your purpose and direction, or you desire one-on-one coaching aimed at helping you wrap your arms fully around what aging in the modern world means, SisterLadyGirl is the place where you’ll find what you need to get on a path that feels right for you.

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Hey, There!

I’m Quin Brewington, founder of SisterLadyGirl, an online community for women over 40 to explore and embrace what growing older in the modern world really means.


Society would have you believe that by the time you hit 40, you’re supposed to have life all figured out. For many of us (yours truly included), these middle years represent a time of immense change.


Whether it’s a child leaving home for college; feeling like you’ve hit a wall personally, professionally or creatively; or your contentment with life starts to suffer, none of us is immune to certain “triggers” that make us question our worth as well as our place in the world as we grow older.


The good news is these feelings are normal. Even better news is you’re not alone. I truly believe that life after 40 is just the beginning. And, these middle years can be the best time ever for mature women to re-evaluate and renew whatever areas of their lives they choose. You just have to be willing to invest in yourself in a way that you may not have had time for when you were younger.


I’m excited to help you learn how. You ready? Let’s do this!

It’s time to start your new chapter.

Feel more visible, more vital and more relevant.

And make this second half of your life better than you ever thought possible!

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You Can Master Midlife!
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